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Freeman Heyne

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Freeman Heyne provides an independently managed source of high quality financial advice and services in which long-term, high-trust relationships are valued over all else. Freeman Heyne was founded by Donna Freeman and Mike Heyne under the firm belief that clients deserve and expect a highly personalized experience. Freeman Heyne was built around a heavily credentialed team of financial advisors with the experience to deliver a wide-range of customized financial management solutions, including financial planning, investment management, cash flow management, insurance planning and estate planning.

As independently managed financial advisors, we answer only to our clients; so we can focus all of our time and attention on gaining a deep understanding of their personal needs and aspirations through individualized planning. At Freeman Heyne, we hold our advisory team to the highest educational standards, allowing our clients to feel more empowered to make smarter financial decisions with clarity and with confidence.

We invite you to discover the unique qualities of the Freeman Heyne client relationship today.